MUSST was founded by Lorenzo Brusci and Simone Conforti, joined as partners by Valentijn Borghuis and Alberto Gaetti.

MUSST is a multidisciplinary studio of designers, technologists and artists working collaboratively to create interactive and experience-centered solutions for architecture, installations, live events and communications strategies.

We work with adaptive music and soundscape generation, physical and symbolic interfaces, hardware design, sensing technology and human-space experience design.

We are constantly mapping emerging opportunities within the field of IT and digital humanities.

We fundamentally and dynamically re-invent the spatial experience through any available and designable technology.


Lorenzo Brusci - Art Director / co-founder (Philosophy of Music, Florence and Siena University)

Alberto Gaetti - R&D / sound system and soundscape design (Professor of Electroacoustics and Music Acoustics at Music Conservatory of San Pietro a Majella)

Simone Conforti - R&D / co-founder (M.A. Electronic Music Composition, Florence Conservatoire; currently researcher at Haute Ecole de Musique de Lausanne)

Valentijn Borghuis - Technology Strategist (Phd Logic and Computer Science, Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands)



Musico - Generative music and soundscapes

Promotech - Lighting Technology

Filippo Dei - Domotic & Technology Integration

Marco Liuni - Audio Technology Researcher (IRCAM, Paris)

Paolo Frasconi - Artificial Intelligence (DINFO, Florence University)

Marcin Gierat - Photography

Marco Greco - Experience Design

Your Net Solution - Webdesign & Consulting