Virtual Acoustics

Sound immateriality become a tangible parameter able to design and shape the spacial experience as a new architectural planning paradigm.

Sounds and their Life are always intended as depending from a physical architecture; a sound climate is conceived as a direct correspondence between physical spaces and loudspeakers.

We intend physical spaces as some kind of geometrical and threedimensional environments in which the sound can be everywhere and can be used to reshape the space itself.

Sound-conditioning not only happens as a substitution of a specific sound climate, but can be intended as a new interpretation, through virtual reproduction, of the environment we inhabit.

MUSST develops technologies and strategies able to drive this new acoustical vision, from sound system design to sound shaping via integration technologies, up to the development of proprietary algorithms able to transform and virtualise many kind of acoustics and infinitely re-experience any architecture.


Virtual Acoustics Works

October 15, 2014

Automatic Music Upmixing TechnologyDSP algorithm…

September 8, 2014

Proprietary multichannel diffusion systemPlugin for…

September 8, 2014