Sensory Gardens

Immersive and adaptive technologies, integrating Nature and Art.

The adventure of listening in public and private outdoor spaces. Imagine to walk at night or during the daytime, being able to experience a Place where Time and Space are flexible and virtualizable dimensions, following one or many sound or visual stories at once, maybe coming from you, from others or from an entitled community of participants...

We design site specific sonic gardens, from urban gardens to private and exclusive immersive sound gardens. We often operate as general contractor or we collaborate with landscape designers to provide the most accurate and poetic Sensing Space design possible. Experts from fragrance, visual and lighting design are called to interact with us in order to deliver both state of the art immersive adaptive technologies and integrated landscape artistic concept design.

We experiment and develop multisensory technologies and practices around the concept of immersively living and inhabiting nature. We believe that specially through sound immersive design the human experience of nature can be intensified and even lead us to rediscover its multifaceted complexity and forgotten ecology.

Least but not last, a sonic garden is one of the highest place where music richness can simply be interfaced by natural presences, their masses, postures, inter-actions, attenuating any formal judgement or historical pre-conditions. Simply in Nature we invite to experience surprises and games, tricks and forms for what they deeply and immediately are.

Organism and articulations...                                                                                                                                                                   

Sensory Gardens Works