Sound Modules

Speakers are Physical mediators between Music and the Experience of Space. They virtualize music stages, they should never impose one listening stage.

Non-Conventional Sound Modules & Speaker Design.

Our sound modules design approach starts combining mechanical irradiation control with an accurate electronic audio-signal processing and an aesthetic and material dedicated research: this in order to match what we think are the functional and environmental requirements of an immersive architectural audio system.

We can handle the entire design and production process of a complete collection of sound devices, standardized, customized - limited editions - as well as of unique pieces.

Our technical support enables designers and architects to achieve a radical unique sound space design, characterized by a superb audio efficiency and climate resistance. Stone, metal and composite material can be shaped in forms that are radically inspired by environmental electroacoustic conditions and sound experience design purposes.

We design integrated custom audio solutions for invisible sound systems. In this particular case we integrate invisible design into everyday life objects, without sacrificing their functional efficiency, adding an unpredictable and surprising "naturality" to functions as smart objects, interactive furniture and overall indoor spaces.

Sound Modules Works

June 15, 2017

Approaching sound modules design is…

October 16, 2013