Architectural acoustics, acoustical engineering: ancient arts coming to a contemporary intelligence.
The integration of physical and digital acoustics, entangling architectural dimensions and virtual space design.

We intend Acoustics as the domain of Sound (and its declinations) in Space (of any kind).

Human actions can be happening in proximity, at a distance, they can be more or less intelligible, functional or sophisticatedly poetical, necessary and fantastic.
All these are experience features that influence the acoustic design of a space.

Besides this, we invite you to assume that today's attitude to augment humans' cognitive and sensorial capabilities, opens the road to an even more acoustical oriented technology design, from headphones to virtual room acoustics for Virtual Reality and Gaming.

At MUSST, Acoustics is the overall art of interpreting space through the lens of aural resonances and sound cultures, whatever they are and whatever it takes.

Acoustics Works

October 15, 2014