Invisible Design

"Hiding technology" is a key approach in advanced human habitats.
Technology visibility should be decided on a design-basis and not because of a technical constraint.

Our accurate design for acoustically enhanced sound modules, allows to create a high efficiency sound system, totally integrated in architecture and in furniture, up to accessory, reaching the full invisibility.

This new audio concept in architecture, for a meaningful and involving sound experience, is the result of the most advanced research in style and sound technology.

Our approach is totally dedicated to the sublimation of the architectural experience: integrating sound diffusion into smart furniture or exciting object's physical properties, turning them into sound modules. Imagine transforming a table or a bar into an Adaptive and Interactive Object.

The domotic integration of entertainment and interactive technology is converted in advanced user interfaces, clean and intuitive, controlled by smartphone, tablet, or web.

Invisible Design Works

Invisible audio installation, letting the…

October 14, 2014