Landworks/Sardinia 2014 - Villa Webber, La Maddalena

Lecture and Workshop by Lorenzo Brusci

at the International Landscape Architecture Seminar Landworks/Sardinia 2014

May 22nd/June 1st 2014 - Villa Webber, La Maddalena (OP), Sardinia, IT



Act 1: Villa Webber
The spatial restitution: a cleaning action as a time lapse video score contains and direct the sound piece. Daily life memories, sound traces, noises, transfigured by the physical acoustics of the villa are mixed and articulated in real time by six behavioral composers and several body performers.

Act 2: Hortus Conclusus (Closed Garden)
A basic accessibility of the former Hortus Conclusus allows visitors to visually and acoustically experience the current wildness of this physical and mental "closed/protected garden". The dynamic polyphony of working forces has been for years the only human presence in Webbers' loneliness. Performers represent at once the infinite tension and attraction between the natural strenght and the human intention to survive and transcend.