Sáv Hotel Hong Kong

The special sensing experience at Sáv Hotel passes also through the sound experience design: a wide and surrounding sound space immerses clients in sound as soon as they reach the lobby.

With the same approach we've designed the Bar: thanks to a well defined and never intrusive sound dispersion, people can enjoy a fully immersive soundscape in the SAV Bar, ranging low level background music situations to clubbing SPL, without letting the glass windows or the hard floors impeding sound clarity and powerful sound impressions.

Musst' Sonic Garden proposal aims at the creation of diffused, continuous and immersive music soundscape in the entire Terrace Garden area, starting from the art gallery space, up to the "still in development" garden area. At the same time, the 2 areas have strong differences: the Sonic Garden featuring an excellent sonic climate capable of high SPL, without easily encountering the risk of high disturbance for surrounding residential neighbours - till a certain extent and under local authority guide lines; the Gallery then, where due to a special in-ceiling omnidirectional sound system, higher SPL can be reached without any significant sound pollution implication.

Additional Info

  • location: Kowloon, Hong Kong
  • client: Sav Hotel, Promotech Italia
  • experience design: Lorenzo Brusci, Simone Conforti
  • system design: Simone Conforti
  • sound modules producer: Sonus, K-Array
  • sound space design: Lorenzo Brusci, Simone Conforti