Sound Samples @Maxxi Roma

June 26th/October 18th 2015
Interactive Sound Installation by Simone Conforti at Maxxi museum in Rome for "Maurizio Nannucci. Where to start from" exhibition.

Sound Samples is an interactive sound installation which acts as a prologue, and at the same time, a bridge between the textural component of the neon work There Is Another Way of Looking at Things... and its reinterpretation within the realm of sound.
The musical structure grows out of the text, which is in turn reshaped and altered through the visitor's experience.

A text subdivided in 1575 sound chunks, each of them represents a word which is processed through 5 degrees of sound transformation: from abstract sounds to recognisable words. The different degrees of transformation depend on the density of the human presence: low density means not recognisable words, high density means understandable words.
For each one of the elaboration degrees there are inner layers of transformation which can be recalled randomly by the system in order to intensify the sonic matter of the sound installation.
A sonic background, based on a continuous exchange between the two main soundscapes, provides the musical background of the installation with the scope of sustaining the composition of the sounds recalled by the human interaction.
6 directional suspended loudspeakers/ 1 omnidirectional floor standing loudspeaker/ 1 infrared camera.