PoPuP - Upmix Sound Processor

Automatic Music Upmixing Technology
DSP algorithm for music and movie players
Plugin for media production
Standalone sound processor

Proprietary Upmixing Technology for multipurpose virtual acoustics applications.
Specifically developed for Music Upmixing, our algorithm is suitable for immersive audiophile experiences as well as for media-delivery in public and private spaces as Spas, Hotels and the overall automotive sector.

Why underestimate your sourround sound system?
Since many years private and public environments purchase home-cinema systems but few people use them as a feature to improve music-listening experiences. Music continues to be played in stereo even when a multichannel sound system is there.
Maybe that's because automatic upmixing systems are specific for movies and they often do not care of the spatial experience typically required by Music and its characterizing.

Music is happening always in a space and needs a space where to be reproduced.
Is it possible to re-generate the kind of space where music has been recorded or conceived in?
Is it possible to make this happening in an environmental - and not stereophonic - way?

Through a stereo reproduction it's difficult to reach the Immersive Sound Perception that characterized an "original space of music".
Having an option to obtain 'meaningful data' from an existing recording, we can finally start using the spacial diffusion offered by a standard surround system.
This is the starting point for MUSST's PoPuP Technology.

PoPuP is a tool capable of transforming in real time any kind of stereo source into a surround experience.
A research conducted with the aim of retrieving all possible music information on the 'original music mix' to make the sound system able to rearrange and reproduce a stereo music piece like/as a brand new surround/multichannel mix.

Three strong goals are guiding us:

High fidelity
PoPuP is a technology developed to be coherent and respectful of the sound quality and of the sonic characteristics of the original music recording.

No artifact
Based on the spectrum data analysis, PoPuP can extract information regarding positions of the inner-mix sound sources and use them to rearrange the stereo mix into a surround codification - 5.1 or 7.1 - without introducing any artificial sound treatment.

Immersive reproduction
In our PoPuP research it's fundamental to recover "the real space" of both a live recording or the studio-generated virtual one; in both cases we aim at producing the spatial aural conditions of musicians and composers at the recording stage, without "reducing" and "simplifying" the 'music in space' potential experience to a 'stereo reproduction'.

Finally via PoPuP we can reconstruct the spatial conditions for music to be fully architectural and environmental.

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