The Dolphin: genesis of a revolutionary sound module.

The Dolphin, by Lorenzo brusci, first release: 2004. Last official release: 2010.
A 6 years journey, from a concept to an industrial product and back to its formal and hyper functional freedom.

The Dolphin first release at Giardino Sonoro in 2004, was widely inspired to Brusci by the necessity of a strong environmental and outdoor-attitude sound module.
Swinging with the wind, transforming its mechanical and electroacoustic features into a continuous Spectral Dance, where the sound space experience would have been mediated by the hyper-natural continuity between the "Sound Emitter", the visitors' movements underneath, the natural phenomena influencing and intertwining all.

"Anthropocentric as the experience of music should be. Free movement in a free and reconfigurable sound space.
The theatrical reproduction of sound has come to its end, freeing the essence itself of the industrial and technology developments of the last centuries. Feel the sound space, through its electroacoustic narrations, rediscover nature, re-arrange the meaning of the relationship between technology, art and physical spaces".

In 2008 GLA (Greater London Authority) assigned to Lorenzo Brusci and his Sound and Experience Design team a study to explore the guiding lines for Urban Sonic Garden design and its possible application in London. The Dolphin was then further formalised in order to better sound spot limited full range areas on the ground. Dynamic light features were integrated in the design.

With the co-founding of Architettura Sonora - together with B&C Speakers (2009), the Dolphin comes to its final electroacoustic definition. It's a compromise in stability and acoustic load, though its original sound experience attitude is still there.