WhyNoise - Sound Masking System

Proprietary Sound Masking system.

We aim at reducing the perceived annoyance of noisy environments and transform areas with high levels of sound pollution into quite areas and overall music-oriented sound places. This adaptive technology is based on generative music algorithms and on interactive responses to environmental physical aural features. The dynamic solutions elaborated by this peculiar among Musst' sensing technologies makes possible to deliver noise masking or attention-shifting soundscapes in public spaces without occurring into risks of excessive musical intentionality and additional annoyance.

We developed a real time generative-music application, controlled by a proprietary noise-masking algorithm based on environmental spectral and acoustic analysis.

The technology we provide, WhyNoise, is characterized by an adaptive sound behaviour, controlled by environmental data; we use a wide number of music typologies, giving to users the freedom of setting up the most acceptable, coherent and enjoyable noise masking sound-climate.

Besides this, previous in-house studies and surveys drove us to focus more and more on musical production and selection to strengthen the attention shifting effect - cognitive distraction - from the noisy environment, enphasizing its morphological features, though still keeping the soundscape generation neutral enough and far away from authorial rigid attitudes - always at risk of becoming "music impositions".

A noisy environment can turn into a playful area: artificial and natural sounds lead to a fantasy world where artificial and natural elements choreograph together a dynamic idea of space.

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Proprietary Sound Masking system. We…

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