Generative Music

Generating or adapting sound and music contents to specific experiences, public habitats or specific personal necessities and functions.

We are aware that Music adaptiveness to specific environments can generate a Sound Experience fully life-integrated and emotionally pertinent.


A first application: Music Generation in the Fitness/Sport and Wellness sectors.

Music is always present in our life, it's our constant emotional mirror, though it's rarely pertinent or coherent with our living environments and our emotional expectations.

We are finalising a Music Generation and Music Processing platform, based and interacting with mobile devices and their built-in sensors: the App is able to track motion changes in order to control music generation and increase significantly the coherency between music contents and body actions.

The final result will be an interesting compromise between a psychological and a physiological mirror of users' physical activities.

The overall business implications are in the fitness and sport domain, health monitoring, gaming and entertainment, city planning.

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