IMP - Immersive Music Player

Proprietary multichannel diffusion system
Plugin for media production
Computer based platform for architecture

DSP hardware for high-end and media production

This smart technology is based on a customizable reverberation unit able to address sound reproduction from 4 to 16 channels.
IMP's algorithms can be a tool to soundscape visionary or existing surrounding (environmental) music features and at the same time it's able to gentling reproduce sound in public spaces, reducing for example the annoyance and the uncorrelated sound perception due to spot listening or other audio-dispersive phenomena due to in-ceiling loudspeakers. The algorithm's  technology makes you able to design special virtual environments, giving to the customer the possibility of customizing his sound habitats and acoustically reshape his own space of experience with an highly Immersive tool (bars, restaurants, malls, hotels, amusement parks, etc.).
IMP stays for freedom of movement in space as well as immersive sound diffusion where it was recorded.

Reproduce any stereo music file, upmixing it to different multichannel sound diffusion configurations, allowing listeners to freely experience music and space, as if they ideally were "in the place", where the original recording/performing was made.
Through IMP it is also possible to translate any sound source into an imaginary multichannel sound space able to represent real or fantastic environments.

When spaces are bigger or different from a standard listening room, IMP processes music in order to make it more spatial and adapted to the morphology of specific architectures.

IMP's engine runs on a realtime multichannel reverberation processor and a web-server for remote control access.
The system provides INs and OUTs on multiple balanced connections.
The customer controls the most relevant parameters via a web-based interface for any OS platforms, in order to access volume control, processing (reverberation) intensity, sound source routing within the multichannel sound space and the choice of different overall presets.

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