Villa Borbone Sonic Park

The Villa Borbone monumental complex is one of the most fascinating historical places in the city of Viareggio. Nowadays the complex has been restored and converted into a multipurpose complex: the elegant architecture of the palace open up to the green surrounding, a luxuriant park of 38,000 square meters, in a charming atmosphere that is perpetuated in the inner rooms.

A pleasant and calm oasis just a short walk from the town of Viareggio, enriched and implemented by a sophisticated Sonic Garden, takes the visitor through an multi-sensorial experience of the historical garden; the sound modules create a system that redesigns an immersive landscape through a clever sound diffusion that, in the materials and forms, pursues the mimesis and integration with the graceful surrounding nature. The sound space design embraces the visitor from his entering to the central part of the historical park. The design allows the omnidirectional efficiency of the Spheres to continuously trace a soundscape line around visitors and at the same time impossibly detecting the physical sound source.

Wonder and immersiveness is the immediate reaction of all visitors, singer Andrea Bocelli included.

Additional Info

  • location: Viareggio, IT
  • client: City of Viareggio
  • sound space design: Lorenzo Brusci, Simone Conforti, Luca Leonardi

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