Fabryka Schindler

An event to "publicly remember" an architectural building identified with strong sociological and human memories, and at the same time celebrate its future destination: a Contemporary Art Museum (designed by Architects Claudio Nardi and Leonardo Proli). We were in charge of the event 'sound and experience design'. The public opening of the new museum for Contemporary Art MOCAZ was 4 years later, and again we designed the sound space experience.


Additional Info

  • location: Krakow PL
  • client: City of Krakow, Architect Claudio Nardi, Mocaz Museum.
  • visual design: Caludio Nardi, Lorenzo Brusci
  • sound modules design: Lorenzo Brusci
  • sound modules producer: Architettura Sonora
  • sound design: Lorenzo Brusci
  • sound space design: Lorenzo Brusci
  • photo credits: Marcin Gierat

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