RUZ Training Center

Training entrepreneurs to the practice of financial management.

We supported architect Veit Rausch in delivering the first of seven RUZ centers the Raiffeisen Bank is implementing in Switzerland. Each center wlll have a sensorial design character and functional arrangement.

In Gossau the main focus has been the Sonic Round Table and the Sonic Chimney, places where to reunite groups and communities and feel the intensity of the gathering through the environmental sonic emanations.

Additional Info

  • location: Gossau, CH
  • client: Raiffeisen Unternehmer Zentrum AG
  • interior design: Veit Rausch
  • physical acoustics design: Fouad Bechwati - 21db
  • sound modules design: Lorenzo Brusci for Architettura Sonora
  • sound modules producer: Architettura Sonora
  • sound space design: MUSST

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