Sonic Garden Lab Imperialino

The Giardino Sonoro intensive multichannel sound and multi-object design experience, implemented during 4 years of activity in the city of Firenze, at the Limonaia dell’Imperialino. Each year Brusci, Passerotti and their team were able to increase the complexity and the landscape/orticulatural integration of the Giardino Sonoro technology research around sound and its environmental diffusion. The many openings of the Sonic Garden were events of great public feast and cultural and intellectual involvement. Each year the sound experience was changing, different sonic objects were tested, different steps in sound and (city)noise active control were made. All research elements explored and developed till today.


Additional Info

  • location: Firenze IT
  • sound modules design: Lorenzo Brusci / Giardino Sonoro team
  • sound design: Lorenzo Brusci

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