Urban Sonic Garden @ Parco Sempione and Triennale Milano


In one of the most beautiful Milan’s park, Parco Sempione, and in the gardens of Milan Triennale museum, Lorenzo Brusci and Architettura Sonora in collaboration with the Landscape Design Master program of the Naba/Milano Politecnico -lead by professors Elisabetta Bianchessi and Paolo Mestriner- created a “Giardino Sonoro Urbano“, a multi-sensory urban sonic garden open to both public and didactic experiences. The response of visitors was really amazing: in such a frenetic city like Milan, it was quite an experience to “learn” to slow down, enjoy the park and listen to sounds that are not familiar anymore in a chaotic urban environment. The multi-sensory Sonic garden made the visitor perceive and enjoy the surrounding in a totally different way.


Additional Info

  • location: Milan IT
  • client: Naba, Politecnico Milano, City of Milano, RCF, Triennale Museum
  • sound design: Lorenzo Brusci
  • sound space design: Lorenzo Brusci and Marco Greco

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