Architettura Sonora Sonic Garden Lab


The AS Sonic Garden Lab is the ongoing lab where Architettura Sonora is constantly testing the environmental, experimental and naturalistic meaning of its immersive audio systems: from renewable energy equipment to the sound interaction with anthropic and climatic variables, showing up our own state of art in unconventional sound modules design for the architecture, keeping permanently running interactive sound-compositions focused on city noise masking and immersive sound design.

The AS Sonic Garden Lab is now comprised of 32 sonic emitters, distributed among three independent areas of the garden. This includes floor standing modules such as Sphere and Big YoYo, as well as suspended modules such as Dolphin, Drop, Helmet and Snail. The direction cabin, installed inside the ancient well shack, accommodates the electronic equipment including digital mixing devices for sound processing and routing, computers with multichannel soundcards running ASG software, and power amplifiers to feed the sonic emitters.

Additional Info

  • location: Florence IT
  • client: Architettura Sonora
  • interactive design: Lorenzo Brusci and Simone Conforti
  • software design: Simone Conforti
  • sound modules design: Lorenzo Brusci
  • sound space design: Lorenzo Brusci

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