Il Lusso Essenziale

We designed an adaptive urban sonic garden for the Festival Lusso Essenziale in Rome, The noise of the city was driving the responsiveness of a sound (masking) system, customized site-specifically. The urban installation was a strong attempt to implement a city sound oasis in proximity of a highly trafficated road, using a site specific arrangement of Architettura Sonora’s speakers and a site specific version of a noise masking algorithm.

Nearby, within the Palazzo delle Esposizioni, the American artist Magda Sayeg, founder of Knitta Please, transformed the space “Fontana” into a luminous microcosm: Knitted Microcosm in Pink. Visitors were invited to get lost among the luminescent tubes covered with pink knitting and then find their way through the wool sound escorting them. It was the sound of iron, wood, the sound of knitting, an original multichannel soundscape curated by Lorenzo Brusci and Marco Madia, which invaded the space. The alternation of sound and artificial light turned wool into a tale, generating an always different pattern.


Additional Info

  • location: Rome IT
  • client: Comune di Roma, Palazzo delle Esposizioni
  • light design: Magda Sayeg
  • interactive design: Lorenzo Brusci and Simone Conforti
  • software design: Simone Conforti
  • sound modules design: Lorenzo Brusci
  • sound modules producer: Architettura Sonora
  • sound design: Lorenzo Brusci, Marco Madia
  • sound space design: Lorenzo Brusci

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