Ghosts, robots, animals and death. From Kantor's memories of transfigured objects and scenarios to the Kazimierz Jewish traditions.

Before performing in the downstairs theatre, musicians and public were exploring the "new" sounding and visual space, fulfilled with projections and not-conventional sound objects like sounding bags, sounding clocks or stuffed speaking dears... live musicians were suddenly showing off, ethereal and surreal popular music heritages were then taking place.

The concert was more a memory of hundreds of concerts... from all ages. And filled with intimate 'love' memories: songs of love and hate.

  • sound and space experience design, electronics, songs, Lorenzo Brusci
  • flute and Saxophone > Tony Rafter
  • saxophone > Bronia Pasieczny
  • guitar >Tomasz Radziszewski
  • Postmortem performance > Diana Montes de Oca
  • Visual Artist, violin > Piotrek Lutynski
  • Improvised Strings Ensemble > former Tadeusz Kantor's musicians:
  • viola > Wojteck Jachyamiak, Piotrek Lutynski, Jan Trzupek,
  • violin > Jerzy Wronski

Additional Info

  • location: Krakow
  • client: Alchemia
  • visual design: Piotrek Lutynski, Filip Molski and Marcin Gierat
  • sound design: Lorenzo Brusci
  • sound space design: Lorenzo Brusci
  • photo credits: Marcin Gierat

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